Dog Training & Puppy Classes

We are proud to offer one to one dog training as well as courses of 6 week puppy training classes.

We also run one day workshops & classes for humans covering Canine Body Language & Pet First Aid

Puppy Classes – For puppies under 6 months

This 6 week course of puppy classes is located at our secure dog walking field just outside of Greetham, Rutland. We will cover basic obedience training as well as tips & tricks to help you raise a well socialised and happy dog.

Some of the things you will learn: Sit, Down, Stay, Recall & Loose Lead Walking

As our classes are held outside we are able to follow social distancing guidelines, please come prepared for all weather conditions.

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If you would prefer one to one training for you and your pup please call Celia on: 07817309751

Human Workshops

Canine Body Language course – 4 hour CPD Certified course

  • How to read the subtle signs – explore the dog’s eyes, ears, mouth, hair, tail and posture in detail.
  • Canine Emotions – the link between emotion and body language. What does aggression, fear, anxiety or happiness look like in dogs? Can dogs really feel guilt?
  • Dog-Dog Communication – how dogs communicate with one another, appropriate play and how to pre-empt our dogs behaviour.
  • Detailed Video Analysis – We will put our new knowledge into practise using video analysis

Upcoming Dates:

Corby – TBC, Uppingham TBC